Planet positive business

Accessibility.Co was founded with a drive to be a responsible business, and an important part of that is treading lightly on our planet and giving back to nature. We have declared a climate and nature emergency and have made commitments to hold ourselves accountable to meaningful and positive impact.

Climate positive

Our activities take energy. Our energy results in emissions somewhere along the line, but we do everything we can to limit those emissions. We're cutting out waste and reducing our energy demands.

The emissions that we do make, we offset. But we do more than that…

We don't put back; we give back

Or to put it another way: we don't just offset; we regenerate.

That means we're not simply giving back what we take – we want to help regenerate the climate and our natural world.

We currently do this in the following ways:

  1. We donate to and volunteer with non-profits that are working to protect our planet with 1% for the Planet
  2. We plant trees and fund some of the world's best climate solutions with Ecologi
  3. We use Ecosia to search the Web, planting trees and investing in green projects with every search, all powered by 100% renewable energy

Nature positive

It’s not just climate that’s in a state of emergency; our natural world is increasingly under threat as well. We are currently seeing a rapid loss of biodiversity, and this is happening at a rate thousands of times faster than it would if humans were not around.

We want our work to help regenerate our natural world. We currently do this in the following ways:

  1. Our donations to Ecologi help build more diverse ecosystems and avoid deforestation and destruction of habitats
  2. We use Ecotalk as our mobile phone provider, which uses its profits to buy land to give back to nature and creating new habitats for bees and other wildlife