Ecologi – Supporting our positive impact

We're not planting trees to offset our carbon emissions. We plant them to protect the future of our planet for generations to come.

Jon Gibbins, Founder, Accessibility.Co

Many of us plant trees to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our activities to reach net-zero emissions. We want to do more.

Giving to Ecologi is part of our efforts to be climate positive. That means we're not simply giving back what we take – we want to help regenerate the climate and our natural world.

Trees eat CO2 for breakfast

Every month, Ecologi support a range of carbon reduction projects certified by Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. A large part of this effort involves planting trees.

They also plant mangroves in Madagascar. Mangroves have highest carbon density of all ecosystems on the planet, and have been shown to be two to four times faster at removing carbon from the atmosphere.

But planting trees is not enough

Planting trees is not going to solve the climate emergency, but that's not why we do it.

Trees are not a quick fix. They need to be several years old before they are able to remove carbon from the atmosphere to any significant degree.

Trees need looking after, and some won't survive. Thankfully, Ecologi make efforts to ensure that the trees they plant are part of well-managed reforestation projects.

More than trees, please!

Thankfully, Ecologi does more than just plant trees. They also support other climate solution projects which include renewable energy (mostly wind), gas capture, avoided deforestation, and solar cooking stoves.

Access to clean water is critical to human health, but it's also a key ingredient in reducing poverty, producing food, creating sustainable economies, maintaining peace and security. Changes in our climate are inevitable but accelerated. The impact of this will be felt most in the developing world, where lack of water already poses a major threat. Ecologi support clean water projects in places like Malawi, Haiti and Eritrea, improving quality of life for their people.

Visit our Ecologi forest

If you decide to sign up to be climate positive as well, by using the link above as a referral link, Ecologi will plant 30 new trees in our forest.