Making the digital world better for Disabled people.

We support purpose-driven organisations in making better digital products and services.

We are not all equal.

Nearly 1 in 4 people on the planet have a disability. In countries both developed or developing, being a Disabled person represents a significant disadvantage both economically and socially.

Across the world, Disabled people experience poorer outcomes – poorer health, education and employment; lower income; higher rates of poverty and cost of living. This is partly because Disabled people experience barriers in accessing things many people take for granted – health care, personal wellbeing, education, employment, financial wellbeing, political engagement, transport, commerce, information. The World Wide Web and digital applications are increasingly important in many of these aspects of life, and people are getting left behind.

Source: Return on Disability 2020.

We embed accessibility.

Accessibility is good design; what is essential for some is useful for all. It’s a quality of your work; an ingredient in your method rather than an end goal. Achieving it is a team sport, requiring practice and the right mindset.

We help you make digital products and services that don’t exclude Disabled people, which greatly benefits everyone. We do this by showing you how to practice accessibility in the work you do – guiding your approach, embedding knowledge, and establishing sustainable strategies so that it simply becomes part of how you work.

We are a young business with good roots.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in digital accessibility, we are seasoned testers, trainers and coders. We’ve worked on websites, mobile apps, video and audio content, and PDF documents for brands around the world and in a variety of sectors.

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We’re building Accessibility.Co from the ground up to reflect our values and philosophy. As a responsible business with purpose at its core, we believe in being fair, open, respectful, greener and ethical.

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